SPKZ's Inventory Price Calculator

Note: Your inventory must be public in order to use this tool.

	* Improved Usability (No longer need to accurately check the checkbox)
	* Removed Non-websocket version
	* Increased inventory loading timeout from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds
	* Improved performance when fetching price by using WebSocket (Faster than XHR version by 528%) :D
	* Now you can copy-paste the steam profile URL directly. (No longer need to cut the unnecessary part)
	* Added Highlight on Selected Items
	* Added Deselect All Button
	* Fixed item price for Low-demand items (rarely sold)
	* Renamed Tool name (Inventory Scraper -> Inventory Price Calculator)
	* Added Usage Statistics (For development purposes only)
	* Duplicate items are now shown correctly. (Cases, Keys, Nametags, etc.)
	* Added Total Inventory Value
	* Added Checkbox Function to Calculate only selected item value
	* Added Support for SteamID64
	* Added Nametag Support
	* Added comma separator to Total Inventory Value Reverted this change due to dropped decimals.
	* Small tweaks for mobile devices
	* Will no longer check not marketable items